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Friday 10/7 (part 1 – afternoon)

October 9, 2011

Observations and reactions originally posted here:
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So I got to thinking about what Steven was saying in this – [link removed] – thread and decided to check out my local occupation demonstration this afternoon. I plan to get involved and see more of what is going on and try to understand what the plan is. I will be armed with my ipad and will document my experience participating in one of these “working groups” this weekend.There are not many actual activists there. Many union people and people on their lunch break just taking in the show. My initial reaction from my first visit is that this has indeed been hijacked and I previously suspected. I am also detecting a very strong stench of communism/socialism agenda. This is what I saw:
– they have set up an set-up that clearly shows that money is being spent.
– There is a band playing it.
– There is an assembly podium by city hall, with powered equipment and a stage.
– There are tents set up with food, child care, sound production, etc
– there are strange characters running the assembly and standing in the crowd holding signs. not typical of what i have seen of the “99%”
– There are tables set up with various action groups… they are call these groups “working groups”. If that doesn’t strike you as socialist/communist… check your pulse. these groups are asking for volunteers to help do number of things. Formulate a plan, Write a proposal and create a democratic process for presenting the proposal, community canvasing, media relations, homeless protection, child care assistance, janitorial duties… etc…

All of that organization seems to just now be taking place. they are trying to organize, but it is clear that there are a lot of different groups trying to run their own messaging. i sense many in the crowd are suspecting the small group of “leadership”, that has shown up with tents and a microphone, of trying to be something like a steering committee. Its also interesting to note that the MSM has been blasting Obama’s comment today pretty heavily. He said something like how its a sign of a real desire for change…

Anyway. The speakers were pretty poor communicators. I caught a few people in the crowd having a chuckle at them. Regardless of that, I will be going back later and joining one of these “working groups” that plans to be part of the planning and presenting. They need help, and the communist undertones make me want to get closer so I can understand more. This will be going all weekend and beyond from the sounds of it. Maybe I am jumping to conclusions. We shall see.

Occupy Philly Photo Collage

The Crowd, The General Assembly 1pm October 7 2011

some quick videos at the general assembly:

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