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Friday Night 10/7 – My Head Was Spinning

October 9, 2011

I sat up all night.  What I had witnessed and my concerns were overwhelming.  I decided I would go back.  I also decided to bring a friend who is film producer/editor/camera guy.  I had questions (I still do).  I wrote them out and planned to get to some people who were involved with the organization and ask what I felt needed to be asked.  By this time the msm was all over the spectrum of predictable commentary, chasing their tails, and carrying our elected fools’ water.

Here are the questions I planned to ask on Saturday:
– who or what group do you perceive is organizing and running this demonstration?
– who is funding this?
– what do they stand for?
– is there a presence here from the democratic party?
– there seems to be an overbearing presence of socialism and/or communism amongst this organization.  Can you elaborate on that?
– do you know who George Soros is?  Would you take a contribution from someone like him?  Have you yet?
– what is the intention of this demonstration?

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