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Friday 10/7 (part 2 – evening)

October 9, 2011

Observations and reactions originally posted here:
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I spent a couple more hours at city hall tonight. I expected attendance to get much larger after business hours, so I left work early, got some stuff together and headed over. A little disappointing. There were less people there than at 1pm. All information tables were either empty or no help. There was nothing to participate in except for hackysack and screaming at traffic. People are also starting to seriously move in there. I guess that’s the “occupy” part of this whole mess. Lots more private tents. people setting up camp, etc.

Before there was a mix of many types of people, again as part of the crowd was enjoying a show during lunch… now it’s all of the squatter types, drifters, commies, etc. Still very scattered messaging coming from them as well. I think I could be down with them if I would agree to smash all things of the modern age and stop taking showers. There were also a few scattered regular joes who are fed up with our societal system and want to get involved, just as I do/did. They seemed rather lost, and frustrated… as I probably did. The hijacker crew is still there, and have moved into a security type of tent, weird, with a full-on office going on in there. The door, yes this tent has a hinged door, is shut and the are all typing and taking pictures for the media. Overall, a weird vibe.

Once I figured out that there was no way I was joining the steering committee tonight, I talked to a few more information tables and then boogied on out of there. If I get the same vibe tomorrow, I am going to start knocking on tents and demanding some answers.

Occupy Philly

City Hall

Occupy Philadelphia

Getting closer

Occupy Philly Some messaging... still seems scattered

still seems scattered

Occupy Philly - The scene

Occupy Philly - The scene

Occupy Philly - The scene

Less people now. people are moving in though...

Hackysack Circle

A hack circle sprung up

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