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How I Began This Journey

October 9, 2011

I had written this movement off.
That’s how I had already felt by Friday October 7.  My opinion was mostly driven by what had been transpiring from the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Those in my network, alternative news and activism folks mostly, had already been discussing how the Occupation was “getting hijacked”;. We may have been jumping to conclusions, but this is what our experienced, and skeptical minds were discerning.

We had seen the main-stream-media (msm) was already slanting and spinning.  First, the story was the the demonstration lacked direction or a clear message, which honestly seemed true and justifiable. Then politicians started using the movement as part of their position and platform;  this is scary.  The coming election season may see an impact from all of this, and already it seemed to be hijacked by existing political groups, anonymous (seemingly a false-flag-terror hacker group), socialists, communists, and the anarchists.

These stories were most concerning:
The occupy movement gets framed up as a democratic tea party by the msm
Obama sides with the movement – does he seriously expect people to think he is fighting wall street??? Now a few  days later, Pelosi is on board… and other presidential hopefuls have made statements that are in favor of this.  Are they not part of the problem??  Isn’t calling this movement a “democratic tea party” just out-right BS??

That said, I still wanted to witness what I could.  

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