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If we can’t stand up in agreement, can we agree to stand up?

October 9, 2011

Why Protest??
The game is rigged.  We all understand that.  I am speaking for the majority of the true  99% when I say that.  This is not news to us. That the game is rigged.  The reason I am pointing this out is because this is the only message that is reaching the masses.  Many do not see a way to change that the game is rigged, nor do many of them fully understand the magnitude of manipulation that the powers that be are engaged in.

  • The existing power structures and elitist hierarchies are eliminating the American dream.
  • Money has become a prerequisite to freedom.
  • The gap between rich and poor has never been bigger than it is now. This is being achieved through hoarding of wealth and the elimination of the middle class.
  • Our constitutional rights are being eliminated.
  • Our government is too large and regulations are too many.  Nothing gets done.  The people’s interests are not being preserved!  It’s all process and no action.
  • We are on a path to destroying all of the noble efforts of the founding fathers.  This is being done on a daily basis as a part of a slow shift toward socialism and communism.  The only way to stop this process is to redo what has been undone.  We need to stand up and demand our freedom again.
  • Corporate interests are controlling elections
  • We are being lied to and manipulated by the media, corporations, government, and political groups who all have their own agendas.  Many of these agendas are aimed at further control of the people.
  • Corporate cronies and drones.
  • We are being poisoned through our water supply, GMO foods, and pharmaceuticals.
  • The elite are allowed to wage war, commit acts of terrorism, control the media, pay a slap on the wrist fine, if anything, and the profit from the whole thing!  This situation is out of control.  It’s a runaway fire.  And maybe communicating these atrocities in detail will help wake and inspire the 99% to stand up with us!
  • The majority of Americans, who are also victims of the points above, are not taking action.  This is either due to ignorance or apathy, and we can inspire them.

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