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Saturday 10/8 – Video Interviews – Getting Answers

October 9, 2011

As originally posted here:
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What I said while I was there, posted from my phone:
I got some answers… Kinda. The answers are disorganized and chaotic. I see less puppet mastery today. I have video interviews with a couple people who are organizing/funding. Serious communist presence. Clearly! But there is also opposition clearly present. Still digesting the info… Anyway I will post more later.  Need to get the video edited.

A fellow observer and activist responded:
Hegelian dialectics rule. Thanks 12g, really. I was in the city today to check out a couple demonstrations, I’ll make a thread to share tomorrow, going out now. I got a good vibe though

Research what “Hegelian” means.  Very interesting IMO.

I Responded:
There is a positive vibe in that the experience is inclusive of all who wish to participate. The people I spoke with were friendly, but also it was clear that things are still just starting and nothing has yet to be decided.

The only thing that seems to be concrete is that they will be creating and taking a proposal to local, state or federal government. In order to be a part of the facilitation group, which will be at the center of the proposal creation, you must also participate in a working group. Kitchen, medical, security, sanitation, etc. Unfortunately that really limits who of the 99% can participate. Sure, you’re included if you want to be, but you must choose a duty/table/committee. Furthermore, they expect this to take weeks at a minimum. Who has time for that? Not me. Not many. So this will end up being 1% of the actual 99% creating a proposal. Anyway, are we trying to improve our society, or are we trying to run a tent city? A lot of effort is currently being spent on the latter.

I was able to network and get to some insiders… Although they claim there are no insiders… Having a camera guy helped. it’s clear that anonymous is part of the core group but were not pleased that I deciphered that and quickly took down some signage after I pointed it out.

Also, my anti fluoridation petition is now at the general information table. No signatures yet… Heh. But it’s cool that they were completely open to it.

The general assembly was somewhat interesting, but again… Somewhat disorganized and a lot of focus on keeping their tent city thriving.

Here are the issues I see.
– they need leadership. They are so stuck on the model that everyone is equal that everyone is afraid to take charge.
– the full 99% is not represented, and can’t be.
– they are really far from deciding anything.
– the party vibe is fun, but doesn’t help them look credible.
– many people there don’t know what is being discussed by the facilitation group. The proposals that are on the table are not being put on a board for mass review.
– they need direction, badly. At least a couple core ideas need to be established.

Here’s what I saw, I will elaborate:

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