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A Message About Tactics – #occupyphilly #ows

October 10, 2011

I have been thinking about the plan.  The strategy of this.  Create a proposal that is agreed upon by the majority through a fully democratic process, collectively.  Then we will raise it to the government.  I guess I’ve concluded that I don’t buy the idea. No impact in my opinion.  It puts too much faith in government.  There is no reason for them to listen to our proposal.  If they do listen AND agree to it, they can just change the laws back to the way they like them once we quite down and go home.  All of this camping and tent-city government organization and all of the trying… And in the end they are only planning on such an anti-climactic culmination…?

Two historically successful general tactics for getting what you want out of the federal government.
1. Overthrowing them by force
2. Playing the game against them

This proposal they plan to establish and present sounds like hey are doing neither. They want to play the game with them. Their logic is flawed in thinking the end result will make a difference.

Firstly, anyone can make a proposal to the gov. They think they are standing on the platform of 99% so the gov will have to listen, but as explained in previous posts, it’s not truly that and no where near it. They are .001% of the 99%. They are all in similar life situations and match each other is several demographic attributes.

Secondly, this crowd is so liberal, and idealistic that they think the government has to entertain their proposal. Maybe they think that because they are inclusive, that everyone will have to be. This is a serious flaw in their current philosophy in my opinion.

Here are two ways to play the game against the elites. Hitting them in the pocketbook is at the core of both of these ideas. Neither of them involve creating a commune/tent city.
– tax revolt. Put efforts into a campaign that convinces people to stop paying their taxes in 2012.
– boycotting products and services that have direct ties to elites/gov. We have discussed a “don’t buy anything” day around here… Which is a version of a total/mass boycott. But this would be extremely complex to pull off. Instead you can start small and build backing over time, and move toward a total boycott. Look at what the civil rights movement did in the 60s. Boycotting city busses or single products is much easier to do. the most effective strategy would be to start with products/services that require Physical store fronts and in-person customer bases. Like gasoline, banking, public transportation.  I know we have tried this in the recent past with little success.  Difference is that now we are all here and listening to each other… right?

Here’s a third quick idea:
Start showing up in mass to city council meetings in large numbers. Annoy the shit out of them with everyone’s scattered concerns and demands. Let the elected people, who supposedly are experts in sorting out the madness of public voice, figure out how to organize and address the complaints… At the very least it would make them realize that they must address the concerns or they will never have another worthwhile city council meeting. Why do these tent city collectives think it’s a good idea to inflict this duty on themselves? No experience. They have no organizational or leadership experience, most of them have barely any life experience. They don’t realize that this tactic will require strong communication both internally and external marketing. In one interview I will be posting soon a guy says that they are learning as they go. Which is great for a mock government, as in a school project etc. But they think this is going to work for dealing with two actual social/gov structures; the actual gov, and the tent-city gov they are foolhardily creating in tandem.

I see a strong possibility of this thing degenerating into complete chaos once people start getting tired, hungry, frustrated and entrenched in debate that would naturally occur in a civilized assembly.  Harsh words, I suppose.  Bottom line is, I think the plan needs to be streamlined.  I think people can get behind these tactics.  It will keep us busy and make the government negotiate with us.  We would have the power.  Correction, we do have the power.  A good plan is essential though.

  1. I’m all for boycotting products and services, not just for one day but every day, whenever possible. If a choice exists between buying from a local business or a huge corporation, buy local, even if it’s more expensive. Use your local credit union or local bank instead of the huge banks. Don’t patronize any corporate restaurants or cafes. There’s a lot that we can do if we stop feeding them money.

    Another way to beat the at their own game is to run for office against them. I know that this would mean choosing leaders from a leaderless movement, but those “leaders” would just be our real representatives who can relay whatever is decided upon in out assemblies. It can be true direct democracy.

  2. If the idea is to hit them on the pocketbook shouldn’t we be supporting the current President’s efforts to tax the rich and the tea parties ideals of getting spending in line with reality?

    We need to tweak the current system. Its not totally broken and has been the best one to date that mankind has come up with.

    We the people have better ways than ever to communicate with each other and the tools necessary to function in a Democratic society governed for the people by the people.

  3. katharine johnson permalink

    Strategy prposal 1: Work with American gov’t system of the people, by the people, for the people. Oops, It’s been hijacked! Get it back. How? Wall Street & corporate hijackers control lawmakers by funding their campaigns, and later delivering financial security by giving them jobs in the private sector after their political careers. So to get reps to represent 99% instead of 1%, we need to pass laws to either get the money out of campaigns, or make source of funds 100% transparent. We the people own the air waves, bands of radio frequencies. Every candidate gets same amount of air time, media time to state their platform, make their promises. Why should lawmakers pass laws like that which would cut off the campaign donations flowing to them from the 1%? They won’t want to at first. That’s where Occupy America comes in. How many Occupy participants are not yet registered to vote? Is there a Voter registration table at every Occupy site? When we fill out the form asking party affiliation, we could all put: We the People Party. Now we’re paying attention, we can see everything they are doing. All the hidden things are being brought to light. The lawmakers are key, if we are taking back our government non-violently and making it once again by the people, for the people. Corrupt lawmakers are terrified of an aroused populace. Citizens determined to resist non-violently look like terrorists to them. We are that scary.

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