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Thoughts Regarding Corporate Donations

October 10, 2011

City Hall Philadelphia

How can I help?
That’s what I was preoccupied with today.  I mean really help.  What connections can I use?  What favors can I call in?  I had tried to suppress the idea that I should discuss this with my employer, but this thought suddenly took hold.  Before I knew it in motion.  BTW: this is a large corporation.  I will leave names out for obvious reasons, but a donation from them could really be big.

Anyway, I had the first conversation.   I almost thought it could happen right on the spot.  But then I was asked to provide information on the group.  They want representatives to make a proposal.  It has to look legit.  I spoke with the donations and resources group at occupyphilly as soon as I could.  We discussed it.  I made sure I was clear/complete and tried to give advice on how to position it and what to ask for.  I think they are going to prepare and send me a more formal request.  Which is cool.  I will certainly uphold my end and make sure it gets to the right people within the corp.  I was sweating and hungry so I boogied on out.

On my ride home, I couldn’t help but wonder if this made sense.  Will it be right to take their money?  I’m POSITIVE people among the occupy movement look at this organization as evil.  To me, they are not.  People within the corp may believe this is affiliation with the democratic party.  Obama has been endorsing occupyX.  So let them think that if they want.

What do you think?  Is this a good idea?  Should occupyphilly not take money from the elites?  Does this change things?  What if they expect something in return?  What if they get us hooked and then threaten to cut it off if we don’t change our message.  Clearly, this is something the General Assembly should discuss.

Anyway, who knows.   Nothing is guaranteed.  They may not donate…  But should we ask?  I, for one, am very torn.

  1. What could it hurt? Worst they could do is say no. And if change really takes hold, its not like the corporate entity will just disappear, right?

  2. Thanks Dan. Yes. I agree with you but I also understand what the concerns may be. I think any organization would be silly to not lend their support.

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