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Occupy Boston Got Attacked – #occupytogether #occupyglobally #occupyphilly #occupyboston #ows

October 11, 2011
Photo of Occupy Boston Arrests Poice

I woke, still tired and bewildered, and this is what I saw

I fell asleep at around 3am.  I didn’t mean to.  Before I even came to grips with that, I was crying.  I am not really a crier, but there I was.

The images of the Occupy Boston situation, that unfolded during my slumber, are striking.  This is happening NOW.  Everywhere.  In every major city and small town.  People are standing up for what they believe in and it’s not necessarily what the main-stream-media (msm) is saying.  It was thousands, not hundreds in Boston.  There WAS brutality.  Constitutional rights were infringed upon.  This is not the first attack against the 99%.  This is not the first attack against the occupy movement.

The crowd may appear to you as young, uninformed, idealistic or “typical” protesters.  These are some of the descriptors that I have read and thought myself, read below.  Regardless of that, they are the 99 JUST LIKE YOU. That is not a cliche.  That is the TRUTH!  We are together.  The crowd of those who are most passionate are there 24/7.  It fits into their world, they have the time.  Do not look at them for their demographic status.  This crowd… These Crowds… they are standing up for everyone.  We are being taken advantage.  And this crowd of young people (and less young people) are sacrificing their comfort and freedom to demonstrate against the hierarchies that have put us all in this mess.  The game is rigged, and the jig is up.


Occupy Movement Photo

Your brothers and sisters in boston

More photos here:

Here is a link to the reuters report.  Reports are varying on numbers arrested and injured.  Second camp was dismantled.

One Comment
  1. Dr. Dolittle permalink

    JP Morgan Chase donated what, 56 million to the NY Police Foundation–does anyone wonder why that pig casually pepper sprayed that woman’s eyes.

    It is probably the same in Boston.

    We have a government bought, plain and simple. Ban the lobbyists, limit every person (1 corporation = 1 person) to a max $100 total political donation and watch our world change. Until this change is made, YOU are nothing, the 99% is Nothing because the top 1/2% (or the top 400) own you.

    Why do I not hear this from Occupy? I hear nothing–vague, incoherent complaints, with not a single solution offered.

    I hear: “help the homeless” yet here I am, multi-degreed, multi-skilled with no job. Well, the homeless all get free flu shots, what do I get with no job? Nothing. Meds, I have some issues, but no insurance–so where did I get some of the meds that I need? I dumpster dove for them from someone on Medicaid who I knew was throwing them out.

    Yup, I got almost $500 worth of meds that way, but get this, the same meds, made by the same manufacturer only cost about $40 in Asia or New Zealand. Why is the Occupy movement not zeroing in on the Pharmaking who routinely economically rapes every American?

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