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What I Tried to Say at Today’s GA – #occupyphilly

October 11, 2011

this guy was pretty passionate about school funding, I support his lawsuit against the governor. I shot some video of him, here:

I had no intention of speaking when I arrived.  I was helping with broadcasting the meeting, that was my purpose there.  Yesterday, someone said that I should speak.  I happened to have some of the same thoughts as this other young man did.  I wrestled with the idea.  That was part of the reason I was up so late and why I slept so restlessly.  Anyway, I started writing down my thoughts last night, and thinking about how I would present my thoughts.  Although, I wasn’t sure if I should do it or not… I wanted to be prepared just in case.  Glad I did.

Between then and now a lot happened.  There was the Atlanta and Boston live feeds.  The huge amount of tweeting and info relaying on chat.  My regular life fit was squeezed into my time as well, however with less regularity than usual.  I’m sure many of you understand what I mean by this.  I was shaken by the news when I woke up (read earlier posts) and didn’t remember to bring the notebook I was scribbling in when I left my house.  Again, by 9am my focus was shifted.

The general assembly was kicking off.  Technical issues were worked out.  We were rolling.  Good feeling.

I was kind of lingering by the tech tent and looking on.  This is where speakers were waiting to go up, and I was asked repeatedly if I was waiting to speak.  “No, but thank you”.  I said that several times.  The other speakers were passionate and basically just all around amazing, but I heard some things that were directly connected to the subjects I felt we needed to discuss and no one was talking about.  The same things I was scribbling in my notebook.

It popped into my head that maybe I should carry on with speaking.  I looked out into the crowd and caught eyes with someone I had never met. Unexpected. Just as I was thinking, “should i do it?” – She nodded at me twice.  Total coincidence I’m sure, but it was all I needed. That happened in a split second. Within another 60 seconds I had typed out what is below into my ipad.  Within the second minute I was being handed the mic and was stepping on stage.  The abrupt turn of events put me in a mode where I didn’t have time to be nervous.  Here is what I tried to say, not sure exactly what I said now, but this should give you an idea.

What I said at the 10/11 GA occupyphilly

I didn't stick exactly to this... I was in the moment. My point, however, remained the same.

A great experience over all.  Glad I could share it with you all.  If anyone knows of a video of me speaking, please send it to me.  It’s probably worth a giggle.

Anywho… I had to get back to the office so I can continue to keep all plates spinning.  So I got my stuff together and boogied on out.

– Twelve

  1. TheDude626 permalink

    Good Stuff!!

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