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10/11 Tonight I Spent More Time On Site – #occupyphilly #occupyglobally

October 12, 2011

I’m exhausted.  I saw a lot tonight.  I spoke with a number of new and old friends.  Fellow citizens.  It was great.  A few times I found myself looking up in the sky and telling myself to take deep breaths.  It can be frustrating.  Everyone I have met so far has wonderful intentions.  Many are extremely intelligent.  When I think about the potential of the people involved, I’m blown away.  So I take the deep breaths and try to recenter when I am frustrated by the process getting in the way.  A couple of times I was doing just that, and I caught a glimpse of William Penn. We are at the foot of city hall.  This whole thing is as real as it gets.

Holy shit.  We are revolutionaries.  This is how our country was founded and we are all here, doing it again.  Amazing.

I brought some new faces with me tonight.  My wife and an old friend.  He drove quite a distance to see what this whole thing is all about, so I should probably rephrase and say he brought himself.  Maybe I played a role.  I saw a tweet of his asking what donations were needed, and because I was so glued to this computer I happened to be the first to respond.  Then I texted him, and informed him of this blog.  That was Sunday.  Dan is a perfect fit for this group IMO.  Basically because he is logical, educated, motivated, and positive.  Grounded.  We talked for hours about what is going on at Broad and Market.  I hope we can continue to work together on cracking the code.  We both have a strong desire to understand, and help.The General Assembly brought decent news about our permit, port-a-potties, and a new committee (messaging).  I have been concerned with the public perception of this for the last 5 days or so, as stated in earlier posts.  The messaging I heard before this blog began was not favorable.  The first post says it all.  Anyway, I joined immediately.  We met after the GA and the turnout was substantial.  Here’s a photo:


Huge respect goes out to Kurtis, who took the initiative to raise this need to the GA.  We have a long way to go, but some progress was made.  With many opinions time seems to move slow for me.  That’s a personal thing, because I like to keep moving.  I like when individuals are empowered to make their own decisions.  Trust is key.  That’s how I function in my day job and everyone seems to be challenged while still feeling positive.  Learning how to function in this direct democracy is hard for me, but a huge learning opportunity.  Self improvement is an available benefit for everyone involved.  I love that. wow, I’m getting goofy.  As I said, I’m exhausted, but happy too.

This is video (kinda) of the permit announcement:

Here is Kurtis talking about the messaging committee.  Audio isn’t awesome though.  The sounds of the peoples’ mic in the background:

night all.  thanks for all of the kind words, and support.  I’ll take the criticism with a smile too.

– Twelve

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