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About Post-Materialism (kind of) #occupyphilly #ows #occupytogether

October 13, 2011
A discussion with individuals entrenched in corporate america

These two guys I know were discussing some unfortunate perception steering as I typed this article. My friend John (right) do this regularly.

I have been thinking about this topic, for the last 36 hours or so, pretty heavily.  This is another thread that my friend Dan started with me on Tuesday.  Since we opened this discussion with our physical voices, I decided to bring this idea to light here.  Sharing.

It’s not ever-present in corporate America yet, but this quiet social movement is growing.  This is born out of independence, inclusivity, and morality.  All wonderful catalysts.  Oddly enough it’s still somewhat taboo, rarely do people discuss it.  I witness this on a regular basis, but I have not yet tried to articulate my analysis of the two behaviors that create a need for the observance of Post-Materialism.
How it exists in corpo is that people are learning that there is no real happiness that comes from selling each other out.  This has been how people have been getting ahead, climbing the corporate ladder, getting more money. It is possible to obtain a reward for being an asshole.  The most common variation of this is theft of credit-where-credit-is-do.  A lot of people want to shape the perceptions of their superiors by appearing to be in charge, in control, vital to the process, initiator of the idea, and ripe for a promotion.  That’s ok if you are those things, in my opinion, but many are not.
It is not just wrong socially, but it affects our economy too.  Through those behaviors we are losing ourselves as an industrious country.  The talent becomes secondary through the perceptions that are established.  The work becomes less-good.  Our products are suffering.  In the end WE are becoming less effective.  I think this contributes to why we our economy is so jacked up.
The movement to stop this pattern is as grass roots as it gets.  Individuals are pushing against it.  Our numbers are growing.  Unfortunately, often times we feel powerless.  We gather over cigarettes and coffee and vent our frustrations. We were doing this right up the street from city hall while I was typing this.  I hope we, the post-materialists in corporate america, can flourish eventually. This is one reason why I don’t think we need to tear everything down just yet. I have hope.
Read about Post-Materialism here:

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    good post friend!

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