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Tonight at City Hall – #occupyphilly #occupytogether #ows

October 13, 2011

City Hall Philadelphia

I ended up missing the general assembly.  So much is going on.  I was at city hall while it was in session though.  Tonight, due to the rain, GA was held at 15th and Cherry street.  The Friends Center… I think.  Delirious, so I might be slightly off on the name.  It’s extremely generous for that facility to open its doors to everyone.  Friendly even.

Second meeting of the messaging committee

Second meeting of the messaging committee. Many new faces, and facilitators!

Messaging met again, in the subway concourse.  This is a passionate group! There are so many questions and concerns surrounding the objectives of this committee.  It’s a little frightening, but also crucial to what we are all trying to do.

We haven’t really begun to shape the message yet.  We want to gather information first, as we should.  Surveys are available at the info table and at the library.  The survey consists of several open-ended questions for everyone to answer.  We want to make sure peoples concerns are heard and answered, so I think this is a fantastic solution.  Exciting stuff.

I know, I keep saying everything is exciting…  but it is.

I’m about to fall a sleep right where I sit, so I also want to get another quick thing out before that happens.

There was a lot of talk today about hijacking, and inner-circles.  This was both here in Philly and also in Washington DC.  Maybe elsewhere too, heres a link.  I almost bought into some of it (again!).  I have seen the factions forming too.  I think this is just the natural order of things. There are factions in every collective, that’s just a fact of life I think.

If someone feels like they are on the outside of any given faction, they may take offense to that.  It may be perceived as advantageous to be a part of certain factions.  Within the Occupy movement, they may have better tents or generators or be at the center of certain conversations.  Is this inequality or is it just the way things shake out?

To say there isn’t some kind of hierarchy in play, is foolish if people want to measure a hierarchy in perceived advantages. Unfortunately, that mentality is taking hold with some people and I hope I can avoid that chasm.

Maybe we can work toward breaking down the perception by being even more inclusive…?  Or have we jumped the inclusive shark?  We need to get shit done, right?  Every job cannot be done by everyone simultaneously.  I’m still undecided.  I think we should try to trust each other for now and see what happens. I will do my part.

  1. I think it’s the natural ordered of human society, leaders rise within any collective. IMHO.

  2. Dr. Dolittle permalink

    And just who are the ones who wear the blue armbands? “Natural leaders,” rising within any collective? Try to get past one; Oh, the “Natural Leaders” don’t need to deal with common riff-raff like you. Shall we sew some cute little symbol on those blue armbands? Hmm…swastika, nah…that’ll give things away too quikly, how about a happy face, the masses will fall for that.

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