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video: WHAT OCCUPY (Philly) MOVEMENT IS ABOUT – from one person

October 13, 2011

Watch this! Share this! This was very well written and spoken. There is a strong disclaimer to this. Video soon on my YouTube of the disclaimer specifically.

This is one person’s perspective and not intended to be more than that. As a collective we will decide how to proceed, but this is a wonderful summation of many people’s thoughts, in my opinion.

Click below for a video

after recording this video I was followed.  Large man, plain clothes, arm badge, looked federal.  I looked over my shoulder at him quite a few times. He saw me see him.  Followed me all the way to my workplace.

  1. occupyspace permalink

    did anyone record the other open mics today? there were some speeches that i’d love to listen to again. thanks!

    • Yes, but I don’t know who for sure. Still trying to get equipment to keep cameras running 24/7, and have a central location for those videos.

  2. occupyspace permalink

    the speech I’m referring to was from a Chinese immigrant who spoke after a lady that nearly cried when speaking about how occupiers were being portrayed in the news. would be nice if you could dump all of them on youtube, but totally understand if cutting them up if too painstaking. thanks!

    • I am doing everything I can do to take these notes and collect a ton of images and video. I will do as much as possible. thanks for your comment.

  3. The Swaze permalink

    A bunch of college hippie know it alls like in south park. How many business majors, science and engineer students do you see down there? NONE. However, I do agree the system is favored to benefit the ultra elite rich unfairly, while hurting tue middle class. You people of Occupy Pholly are my generation and I’m sorry but you chose to take up liberal arts or chose to do drugs recreationally and not look presentable to the professional in your ragged clothes and lack of hygiene and grooming.

    Don’t hate the players, hate the game. And unfortunately GOV sets the rules of the game. You got a problem march on CAPITOL HILL like the Pro-Life movement instead of marching in front of abortion clinics.

    It’s hard to find jobs for us too bc competition is global.

    • Haveyou been there and talked to these people?

      I was there and I am a working towards my bachelors in economics.

      The microcosm of the tent city is diverse and cuts across many sociology economic lines. The first thing I would recommend you do is go down and talk to them. For hippies they don’t even smell bad.

      60% of locals support the occupy Philadelphia movement. And for good reason.

      There is a gross misallocation of resources that needs to be corrected not only so we can put people back to work, but so we can save our earth from destruction.

      99% is greater than 1%. That’s third grade math. It should hold true in regards to who our government listens to.

    • Dr. Dolittle permalink

      “It’s hard to find jobs for us too bc competition is global.”

      Well buster, you had best get crackin’ at finding one. Your share of our debt today stands at $132,121 and your share of unfunded liabilities (Medicare/aid/Soc Sec) comes to $1,032,648. Imagine that you owe, for your fair share: 1.1 million dollars. At a paltry 3% interest rate, just for your debt to tread water your annual interest payment needs to be $33,000.

      This movement is largely directionless and vague, but these numbers are real, and always, at the end, the piper shall be paid. Run off now and start learning Mandarin….

      Data from

    • Dr. Dolittle permalink

      You spineless wimp. If you disagree, then write it so.

      Oh how easy to simply wipe the slate clean if the words don’t fit within your idealistic concept of the world, isn’t it.

      And you envision yourself a writer?

      Pathetic, is this what the youth of today has come to? There is a word for one who, when challenged to a duel, runs off to hide, it’s coward.

    • ariel permalink

      i am an MD radiologist
      there are three phd’s in my working group/phd candidates i think

      what are you talking about

      • I’m not sure what you are talking about either. If you intend to assert that the medical team is fully equipped for all scenarios i disagree. If you are saying that there are good people at work, I agree 100%.

    • Bill Marston LEED AP permalink

      In re: seeing business majors and the like present at OP –
      The Swaze wrote, in part:
      > A bunch of college hippie know it alls like in south park.
      > How many business majors, science and engineer students
      > do you see down there? NONE.

      I have seen and talked with business school grad students, public agency and public policy govt employees and grad students (e.g. civil eng on water infrastructure, transportation, etc.).


  4. Great job twelve

  5. Sandy permalink

    Great coverage, getting the word out. Thanks.

  6. The video was good. I also think its important not to get too far away / isolated from the occupy wall street group and the movements that happened and are currently happening globally. In terms of the systemic problems, I think its important to identify neoliberalism for what it is and be able to recognize its manifestations. Occupy everything, everywhere; we need change to occur.

    • ariel permalink

      stop shopping
      let governement respond if they want
      but we have to build our own futures without them
      let tents outside be part of american landscape from now on
      and no ice rinks, but public microphones is what the city should invest in
      community gardens not cement
      take foreclosed houses and let’s turn them into low icome rental program
      and etc etc etc
      can the government do anything
      or just allocate millions to different programs that fail?

      no more begging for money
      let’s beg for freedom and democracy or something

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