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Philadelphia Resident, Activist, Philosopher, Artist, Film Maker

This blog started through conversations had here:

Youtube Channel:

This blog is one citizen’s experience and thoughts.  I am part of the 99% but probably more of the other 98% that can’t live in your tent city commune.  Not out of apathy, but because it’s not practical.  People rely on us.  Our families cannot stop everything to participate.  We are employed and holding it together as much as we can so being asked to drop out and be there every day is a lot to ask.  Please include the 98% in your 99%.  Find a way.  Reach out to us.

I wish the group at city hall the best, but I am concerned.  I have criticisms, as I am sure many do.   The strategy is still not entirely formulated, but what I have heard does not sound as though it will be effective.  I hope some of you read this, please do so with an open mind.  I am one citizen.  I am on your side.  I want to see something happen as a result of all the effort I have witnessed.  We need to play the game against the elites.  It’s foolish to try to play along, with proposals, etc.  If you think I am wrong, please reach out and convince me.

I will continue to post with each visit that I make.

  1. by the way – this blog is quick and dirty. i am aware of that but I am trying to move quick. This is how I work. I am rarely still. It’s just my way. Maybe this is why I am pushing so hard. I see the progress within the movement is so slow due to the full democratic process of every point. Anyway, there is this blog, video, twitter, occupy organizations communication, and the actual occupyphilly site at city hall. I’m busy. So while I have spell check, it can’t catch everything. If you hate typos, I am sorry. Please look past that if you can.

    Also, my opinions and views are under constant edit and reassessment. I will remain true to my thoughts as I sit here typing.

    Please understand I am human. I make mistakes.


    answers in no particular order:
    – yes, these are just my notes that will be edited, re-written, elaborated on, cited and published as a complete body of work.
    – i am exposing all of these notes because I want to help get the message out and involve more of the other 98.9% that are not heavily involved. again, they are NOTES. Rough. Fast.
    – I only publish 1/10th of what I capture. there is much more that will be assembled once more time is available.
    – post quality and capture quality are not one in the same at this time. this is another speed consideration. I am in gather mode. that said, I am mostly working with an ipad for everything, so quality is not top notch. if you want to be a camera person, PLEASE REACH OUT.

    thanks for all of the support!

    Dear Twelve,
    Why have you not been posting? Lost your spirit?

    NO. I have not lost my spirit. I am strong. I am also smart, and I intend to stay safe. It came to my attention that some parties may want me to be quiet. Instead of posting my notes publicly, I have started moving them to multiple private and secure locations.

    My public blog tells the story of how and why I got involved. It was born out of independence and freedom. It currently concludes at a critical moment where some realizations were made. Please understand that my story WILL NOT BE LOST and it is continuously evolving. Everyday new info is being collected and stored.

    Thank you for your support.

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